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My entry to the One Page Dungeon Contest 010 !

Hello everybody !

The 2010 One Page Dungeon Contest is on and you have until the 1st of March to send your one page dungeon ! You will find more details on this page.

And here is my entry : Sewers of Victorian London ! Although it has been originally designed for a victorian horror setting, such as Rippers, it can be easily adapted to a contemporary or futuristic setting, with a few extra technologies advances. It could even be translated into a med fan universe, if you replace the "mad scientist" by some evil alchemist or sorcerer...

I let you read it through and if you have questions or comments, just let me know ! Have fun with it !

For french speakers, the french translation is on its way and should be on this site next week.
Pour les joueurs francophones, vous retrouverez la traduction complète de ce "donjon" en une page d'ici la semaine prochaine sur ce blog !

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